Client Testimonials

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"Mr. Andresen was very respectful and professional. His employees were very knowledgeable and helpful. I always got an answer when I called the office with a question. Mr. Andresen helped me through a tough time and I really felt that he had my best interest in mind and worked very hard to help me through my case. I would highly recommend him." -Jenna

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"I hired Mr. Andersen to handle my bankruptcy case after meeting with 4(+) top rated attorneys in the metro area. I choose him because he was the most professional, had the knowledge to handle my property concerns, and student loan issues. I also considered it a bonus that the picture he has of himself on the internet is actually what he looks like 🙂 I met to many other attorneys that looked 20+ years older than their posted picture (unprofessional if you ask me)! His was always on time and never made me "feel dumb" for asking questions or for not understand the process. His office staff were very accommodating, friendly, and always responding to my questions in a timely manor. I would recommend Mr. Andersen and will seek him out again if I am ever in need."

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"I usually don't wright reviews, But in this case Mr. Andresen was not only knowledgeable but personable. He was honest, and gave us realistic expectations and answers to our overwhelming bankruptcy case and WON! Mr. Andresen gave us inspirational by having us read an article in his office and then gave us a sermon style story that really calmed down our worry and gave us hope!  Thanks again to Mr. Andresen!" -Jerry

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"My ex husband and I hired Craig shortly before our divorce. Even though this was a stressful time, Craig and his staff answered all of our questions and helped make our Chapter 13 filing easy to understand. During the past 5 years, he has come to my rescue a number of times, when unexpected complications arose and calmed me when the situation seemed overwhelming. His knowledge and demeanor put my fears to rest and his recommendations helped me choose the correct path. I will be forever grateful for his guidance through some of the most difficult years of my life." -Sheryl

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"As it turns out, I am not a potential client for Craig as I have to file bankruptcy in my state of residence for the two most recent years rather than in Minnesota. I believe most attorneys would have quickly hung up. But Craig went out of his way to ask questions and help me. His questions were laser-focused, and he showed me that he is an attorney with a heart. Five stars is not enough."

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"Craig has clear command of the expertise needed to practice bankruptcy law in the Twin Cities. He has the relationships that we needed for a successful outcome with our case. We had a few complicated issues that he sorted out exactly how he explained. It was a comfort knowing that he had experience in navigating the issues. I highly recommend Craig and his team." -Mark

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"My husband and I found ourselves dealing with a major financial crisis. Craig was and is, very honest and knowledgeable about bankruptcy law. He has assisted us immensely with getting our life back on track! We highly recommend his services to our fellow community members."

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"I am an engineer late in my career often told that I was the best ever worked with. As a result, I was fortunate enough to work alongside some considered best in the world at their specialties, resulting in a sense of mutual respect and appreciation. When working with Craig, I again sensed a familiar, rare package of talent and experience, fast and articulate; that I believe should rank in the country’s top 10 with yet another accolade as a “Super Lawyer”.  Craig understood and effortlessly solved the complexity of the big bank’s strategy to undermine my case in a manner well beyond the capability of the attorney I dismissed, who was overwhelmed, as I upgraded from mediocrity to excellence. I would rate Craig’s staff highly professional and top notch. Without his help, I would have lost my home of 35 years."

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"Craig and his staff were kind, professional, and very knowledgeable. They gave us peace of mind during a very stressful time in our life! If you need bankruptcy help, go to Craig Andresen." -Susan

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"We were in a very tight time constraint. Craig and his staff provided us with peace of mind, throughout the bankruptcy process. They really made us feel secure with our decision and helped us through a very stressful time. The initial consultation was professional, clear and most of all it had a calming effect, once we were educated about our options." -Raymond

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"Craig did a great job helping me through a rough and confusing time.. Shedding light on the whole process and getting me through was a great help in my time of need!" -Thomas

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"We had started with another lawyer to resolve our financial issues & he couldn't do the job. We met with Mr Andresen & he was honest & told us it may be an uphill battle. We decided to go with him & glad we did. He kept in contact with us through out our case & explained everything. He knew what he was doing & succeded. It definitely was a hard time & Mr Andresen & his staff were great. We recently had to get some paperwork & Mr Andresen called us personally & remembered us. (Case was in 2010). He promptly sent us what we needed. Great service."

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"I hired Craig five years ago to handle a personal Chapter 13. He and his staff were organized, efficient and got me through a process without judgement and with understanding. I am now in a great financial position. My wife and I are comfortable and secure in our financial future thanks the efforts of Craig W. Andresen and our hard work throughout the Chapter 13. I would absolutely recommend Craig W. Andresen if you need file for bankruptcy."

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"My wife and I are very satisfied with Craig's handling of our case. We have been through some major life changes since we filed our Ch 13, and he has ensured that we can continue to complete our plan as intended! Thank you Craig, I highly recommend your services to anyone in need. We have no doubt your experience and professionalism is paramount to our success and that of your other clients. Thank you!" -Josh

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"Mr. Andresen was very respectful and professional. His employees were very knowledgeable and helpful. I always got an answer when I called the office with a question. Mr. Andresen helped me through a tough time and I really felt that he had my best interest in mind and worked very hard to help me through my case. I would highly recommend him." -Jenna

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"I filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy January 14, 2008. Craig recommended to file Chapter 7 after reviewing our situation. However, my husband and I really wanted to keep the house and since we were behind in payment with the house, we chose to file Chapter 13 to include our outstanding debt into the trustee payment. Unfortunately, after filing for only 7 months, we ended up converting to Chapter 7 as Craig recommended because my husband ended up getting laid off and we weren't able to make the trustee payments after all.

My experience with Craig has always been great. He is professional, very knowledgeable, quick to respond, and straight to the point. He does not beat around the bush. I really respected that he was honest with me from the beginning.

I recently had contact with Craig because I needed to get a hold of some paperwork. He was very receptive and contacted me personally. Even after 6 years of filing, Craig is still more than helpful. I enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him." -Pachia

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"Everything was smooth and we really did not have to do much leg work on our own. Even after over 2 years later, Craig and his office were still willing to help us with paperwork we needed for a home purchase." -Rachel

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"Mr Andresen has been my attorney for 5 years during my Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He has been excellent in his handling of my case and helping me through this process. I have always been able to talk or make appt with him when needed. His support staff are also very wonderful to work with, especially Erica who I worked with most of the time. I would highly recommend Mr Andresen if you are looking for an attorney." -Susan

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"I will keep this short. Mr Andresen has been a tremendous help to us in dealing with our financial issues. His knowledge of bankruptcy law, caring attitude, and genuine concern during our Bankruptcy. I highly recommend Mr. Andresen to anyone in need of a Bankruptcy Attorney!" -Eric

5 star Minnesota bankruptcy attorney"From the moment we met Mr Craig Anderson, we are treat with respect and dignity. No condemnation, just honest questions that helped him understand where we were coming from and clarified to us accurately the situation we were in. Brought our years and months of desperation, guilt, and confusion and made sense out of it. He provided much needed clarity to our misconceptions about bankruptcy law and took the time to educate us. We are so grateful for his wisdom, caring, patience and professionalism. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to find an amazing advocate for the underdog and financially struggling family or individual." -J & A